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Certified Care Management: Pam Stone

At StaffLink your “full-service” private duty services are managed, utilizing a true Care Management model.  There are approximately twenty (20) Care Managers in the metro area that are members of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA). Less than five are employed by home care agencies. Our agency is one of those select home care firms. Your private duty services are “opened” by a professional Care Manager and managed throughout by the same.  The Care Manager is available to you and your family throughout the care to discuss your concerns and observations. This access is priceless to assuring your satisfaction and positive outcomes!

Your StaffLink Care Manager is a professional who assists you in the planning and coordination of your care. 

Your StaffLink Care Manager’s goal is to:

  • Meet your long term care needs
  • Improve your  quality of life
  • To assist you in maintaining your independence as long as possible
  • To keep you safe


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Meet Pam Stone - Certified Care Manager-BSW

Your  StaffLink Care Manager will meet these goals by combining a working knowledge of health, psychology, human development, family dynamics and private and public resources.

Your StaffLink Care Manager has four key areas of focus:

  • Continual Assessment-Physical, Cognitive and Emotional
  • Care Planning-addressing the above areas
  • On-going Service Coordination-Including housing, caregiving assistance, nutrition, socialization, financial and legal
  • Monitoring-Your care manager looks for changes. They are frequently the “eyes” and “ears” for out of town family.  Or they are the unbiased professional observer for siblings that seeking an outside opinion

Your StaffLink Care Manager has an invaluable and vast knowledge of community resources, including access and relationships with other professionals and resources that you may need.

To learn more about the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA).