Six (6) Ways to Help an Aging Veteran Enjoy Memorial Day 2022

Six (6) Ways to Help an Aging Veteran Enjoy Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day is on May 30th this year.

StaffLink has been providing in-home care and private duty nursing services to veterans for nearly 35 years. It is an honor to service these men and women.

I remember the name of one of the first veterans StaffLink served. He had seen action in the Vietnam War and had been injured.  He was in a wheelchair.  He died many years after the war as a result of his injuries.  We were still providing services to him. His name was added to the Vietnam Memorial after he died.  When I visited several years later, I looked for his name and found it engraved.  On this Memorial Day, I remember him.

Decoration Day was the forerunner to Memorial Day. Decoration Day was originally celebrated shortly after the Civil War as a way to honor the fallen soldiers of that war. It continued through World War I and World War ll.  It was originally celebrated by the decorating of the graves of fallen soldiers and with parades. These two traditions have continued. In 1971 Decoration Day became a federal holiday.  Shortly before the name was changed to Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a great day to honor fallen soldiers as it was intended.

It is also a great time to take the opportunity to acknowledge a living veteran’s dedication and service. It is a great time to help an aging veteran enjoy Memorial Day.

Here is a list of six (6) simply ways to help an aging veteran enjoy Memorial Day:

  1. Offer to drive and take your veteran to a Memorial Day parade. Take comfortable lounge chairs and pack snacks and beverages. They will definitely enjoy the outing!
  2. Place a phone call to your veteran. When is the last time you talked to them?
  3. Offer to drive your veteran to the nearest veteran cemetery to see the decorated graves and to decorate the grave of any veteran they might like to decorate. The Dollar Store is a great place to purchase items. 
  4. Offer to decorate their front door or porch with patriotic colors and items. Of course, make you sure you have their permission.
  5. Make and take by a plate of food or bake goods for them on Memorial Day.Are you and your family cooking on the holiday and making a special meal? Do you know a great local bakery to purchase delicious bake goods? Inquire about their dietary requirements.
  6. Take them out for lunch or dinner meal. Is there eatery with outdoor seating?  I am certain they would enjoy the company, conversation and thoughtfulness.

Additionally, many businesses are offering freebies and discounted products to active military and veterans during this month.The links below will connect you to lists of free or discounted items for active military and veterans on and around Memorial Day 2022.

For more information on the services that StaffLink provides to veterans, visit the links below.

Help a veteran enjoy Memorial Day this year!  Happy Memorial Day 2022.

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Gretchen Curry, MSPH