Twenty (20) Springtime Stress Busting Activities for Caregivers During the Pandemic

There are 66 million family caregivers in America. Caregiving is stressful. Caregiver burnout is common. Caregivers need to practice self-care. Caregivers need to take breaks. Caregivers should look for opportunities to build relaxing activities into their day.

Here are some activities for family (and professional) caregivers to be enjoyed this spring season:

  1. Buy flowers from the garden store and make colorful and assorted flowerpots
  2. Plant a vegetable garden with your favorite vegetables
  3. Do spring cleaning in your yard; rake leaves & debris, pull weeds, cut back dead vegetation and over-growth
  4. Go for a walk and enjoy seeing spring break through the ground and bloom in your neighborhood
  5. Go for a hike and explore at a nearby nature park or trail
  6. Buy bubbles at the nearest Dollar Tree go outdoors and blow them
  7. Throw a frisbee with your dog
  8. Fly a kite
  9. Find an outdoor exercise class
  10. Hit golf balls at nearby driving range
  11. Go boating at the local park
  12. Have lunch or dinner at an outdoor restaurant
  13. Enjoy coffee at an outdoor cafe
  14. See a movie at an outdoor drive-in theater
  15. Shop at a local farmers market
  16. Visit and walk around a city or botanical gardens
  17. Visit and walk around the zoo
  18. Open your windows at home and let fresh air indoors
  19. Listen to the rain with open windows
  20. Find a quiet place to sit outdoors, read a book, or write in your journal

Caregivers are essential to the lives of others and we value your contribution. Let the fresh air of this spring season re-fresh your mind, your spirit, and give you energy for your continued family (or professional) caregiving journey.

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Gretchen Curry, MSPH