StaffLink Notifies St. Louis County Clients of New Homebound Vaccination Program

StaffLink Notifies St. Louis County Clients of   New Homebound Vaccination Program

StaffLink has notified our home care clients that live in St. Louis County of a new program that offers in-home vaccinations. The St. Louis County Department of Public Health is offering in-home vaccinations to persons that cannot leave their home to go out to get a vaccination.

Sam Page, the St. Louis County Executive, announced in mid-March that starting in the third week of that month, St. Louis County will be offering in home administration of the COVID 19 vaccine to individuals that cannot leave their home to get vaccinated. They will be administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to homebound residents. Only one visit and vaccination will be required.

Homebound Definition

The county has partnered with various St. Louis County fire districts to administer the vaccine. St. Louis County is using the definition of homebound that is accepted by the Center of Disease Control (CDC). Homebound generally means that a person is only going out for medical appointments, and maybe a rare religious service. St. Louis county estimates there are several thousand individuals who meet the homebound status as defined by the CDC.

Visit the CDC website to see the definition of homebound.

Signing up for Homebound Vaccination Program

Families of homebound individuals and others that provide services, like home care agencies, are encouraged make inquiries for their clients that may qualify. Persons do not have to have access to the internet to sign up for the program. County personnel will sign homebound residents via a phone call.

For more information on the program, persons are instructed to email or call 314-615-2660.

For those that are able to get a vaccine outside the home, check out this article on how to sign up online for various sites:

Gretchen Curry, MSPH