Meet Erika-14 Years of Service!

Meet Erika B.-14 Years of Service!

Erika B. recently celebrated her 14th year as a caregiver for StaffLink. She has been in this field for over 35 years, beginning as a Candy Striper at Barnes Hospital.

Erika most enjoys interacting with clients and their families. She has particularly fond memories of one of her past clients. She worked for “Mary” for over 6 years for 36 hours each week. Mary was easygoing and appreciated the care Erika provided, which allowed Mary to remain in her home rather than moving to a facility. They both enjoyed their time together. Erika says she had a wonderful relationship with not only Mary, but her family also. They all treated her as part of their extended family.

Working at StaffLink has allowed her to do the work she loves, while having a flexible schedule.

Outside of work, she enjoys visiting the local casinos. She also has visited Las Vegas multiple times. Outside of work she also enjoys reading- mainly fiction.

StaffLink appreciates the many years of professional care Erika has provided to our clients.

We hope you are on the StaffLink team for fourteen more years!