Fifteen (15) Safe Autumn Activities for Family Caregivers in the Delta Driven Pandemic

Fifteen (15) Safe Autumn Activities for Family Caregivers in the Delta-driven Pandemic

There are nearly 70 million family caregivers in America. Family caregiving is an essential part of the fabric of care in America. Caregiving is stressful. Caregiver burnout is very common.

As the pandemic extends into our second autumn and with the explosion of the Delta variant, caregiver self-care is more important than ever. Hospitals are full and deaths from the virus are rising. Concern of exposure by cautious citizens is at an all-time high.

Family (and professional) caregivers need to take meaningful breaks from caregiving to reduce stress and prevent burnout. Caregivers should look for opportunities to build relaxing activities into their day.

In the midst of the spread of the Delta variant, mask wearing, social distancing, and COVID vaccines for all family and professional caregivers adds another layer of protection. With that in mind, here are a list fifteen (15) relatively safe activities for family (and professional) caregivers to enjoy this fall.

  1. Visit an outdoor local fall festival or community event
  2. Visit the outdoor area of a local brewery or winery for tasting or just to have a refreshing lunch
  3. Grab a sweater and attend a free outdoor concert
  4. Attend an outdoor local high school sporting event
  5. Make a new recipe of hot chocolate, pile the cup up with fresh whip cream and spices
  6. Change up your fall fitness routine
  7. Go for a walk and or bike ride to enjoy the outdoor colors
  8. Drink a warm cup of apple cider while sitting outdoors on your porch or deck
  9. Visit a local farmers market and purchase autumn fruit and vegetables or homemade autumn jams or jellies
  10. Even if you are not a baker, be brave and bake an autumn pie, like an apple or pumpkin pie
  11. Have fun and make a decorative autumn porch or deck display
  12. Try a new recipe for a seasonal autumn soup like Spiced Squash, Roasted Tomato, or Mushroom Brie
  13. Make a pot of chili and invite a friend over to watch a fall sporting event on television
  14. Plant vibrant color fall blooms, like mums into your outdoor pots, where the spring and summer blooms are dying out
  15. Get your seasonal flu shot

Remember, caregivers, you are essential to the lives of those to who you provide care. Protect yourself, so you can be the best caregiver possible. Let the fresh and cool air of autumn energize your body, mind, and spirit.

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