St. Louis Home Caregivers Take Part in Home Care Vaccination Event

StaffLink caregivers participated in a St. Louis home care vaccination event hosted on March 5th and March 26th at the Des Peres Lodge. The first vaccination was administered on March 5th and the second vaccination was administered on March 26th. For both dates the Pfizer vaccine was administered. The event was sponsored by the Missouri Alliance for Home Care and the Visiting Nurses Association. Numerous home care companies were invited to participate in the event. For the pair of dates in the month of March, 500 caregivers received the vaccine. They had 700 staff from various agencies request vaccines for the March dates. They could not vaccinate everyone who wanted a vaccine. In February, they hosted a pair of dates in which 700 caregivers were vaccinated. We are hopeful that they will host future events and more caregivers can be vaccinated.

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Gretchen Curry, MSPH