Two StaffLink Contract Nurses Hired by 2 Medical Staffing Clients!

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Two StaffLink Contract Nurses Hired by 2 Medical Staffing Clients!

Congrats to Linda B., RN and Debra O., RN, BSN! Both have been hired by separate StaffLink clients that they have individually worked for as temporary employees for StaffLink for several months. Both started their new jobs on Monday, November 2, 2020.

StaffLink’s agreements with our clients allows our clients to “roll-over” a temp employee from temp to direct hire after an agreed upon number of hours are completed.  Both clients elected to “buy-out” their contracts before the required roll-over hours were completed.  StaffLink is always thrilled when a client is happy with a placement and desires to bring one of our temps on as a direct hire either via rolling their contract over or buying the contract out.  Both Debra and Linda have enjoyed working for the individual clients and are excited to join their new employers as direct hires.

Linda B.,RN, BSN

Linda B.,RN, BSN, began working for StaffLink in April 2020. Linda originally earned her LPN in 1993.  She became an RN in 2007 after attending Chambers School of Nursing and in 2010 earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) via the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). Linda’s pursuit of advancing in nursing shows her to be a driven person with a love for nursing.  We placed Linda with a non-profit organization, a repeat client, that provides social services to underserved individuals and families. It was a good fit for her. She has had a diverse nursing career, with a lot of experience in the area of psych nursing. Linda says she loves several things about her new position.  First, she finds the Monday to Friday, daytime hours a good match for her family life. Second, she says she likes the culture, her co-workers are always willing to help each other.  Lastly, she says she loves that the organization serves individuals “who are struggling to get housing and fighting against drug addiction”.

Debra O., RN, BSN

Debra O., RN, BSN, began working for StaffLink in June of 2020. Debra graduated with an Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree from St. Louis Community College in 1996. In 2015 she earned BSN from Webster University. We placed her with a large employer health organization. This organization is a repeat client and have previously hired temp contractors permanently from StaffLink. Debra says, “There’s a multitude of things that I love about my new job.  First, I work with a great team of nurses. Second, we have a great team of doctors who we discuss current topics and exchange ideas.   And, lastly, the variety of nursing duties helps keep my nursing skills sharp”.

Debra and Linda, take a bow! Thanks for representing StaffLink and yourselves in such a professional manner!  We will miss you!

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