StaffLink Creates a YouTube Channel

StaffLink Creates a YouTube Channel

StaffLink Creates a YouTube Channel:  Look for Helpful Videos for Family and Professional Caregivers!

StaffLink just recently started a YouTube Channel ( We provide two (2) basic services; various home health care services and medical staffing. We intend to post helpful videos for family and professional caregivers.

You can find our channel under the name of “StaffLink in St. Louis”. We added the “… in St. Louis” after finding there are several companies name StaffLink across the globe already on YouTube. Many of those have most older and established channels, therefore if we had not added the “in St. Louis”, we would be difficult to find on YouTube because our channel is newer.

Family and professional caregivers will find videos similar to our very first video called, “Seniors and Hoarding”, in which our President, Gretchen Curry, interviewed Denise Lee. Denise  is both a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), and the owner of Clear Spaces located in St. Louis. Denise has specialized credentials in the area of hoarding and the elderly. She has served on the national board of directors for the National Association of Professional Organizer (NAPO) and has a national reputation as an excellent trainer and educator. Denise has partnered with StaffLink in the past by offering education programs to industry professionals. You can find a guest article written by Denise here

In our interview, “Seniors and Hoarding”, Denise shares information about what all caregivers should understand about seniors and hoarding, how a professional organizer would work with a senior to address a hoarding issue, and a list of invaluable resources available to caregivers and seniors. We think you will enjoy the relaxed exchange between Ms. Curry and Ms. Lee.

Additionally, StaffLink will use our YouTube Channel to post private training and educational videos for our professional staff to view.

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