St. Louis Home Care President Learns about Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

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StaffLink, Founder and President, Gretchen Curry, participated in a leadership event hosted by the St. Louis Forum, attended by fifty (50) women executives and leaders in Clayton, MO last Thursday. They gathered to hear a presentation from Jen Bersdale, Executive Director of Missouri Health Care for All.  The women executives represented various business and community…

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What is the Difference Between “Home Health Care” and “Home Care”?

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The home care market has a lot of terminology that is used interchangeably but really means different things.  To industry professionals the terms “home health care” and “home care” mean different things.  The general public uses these terms interchangeably. “Home health care” is the industry term for home care that is delivered via visits to…

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StaffLink’s Pam Stone, BSW, CCM Learns About A Unique Communication Resource for Persons with Speech and Language Impairments


Pam Stone, BSW and Certified Care Manager for StaffLink, attended the January Senior Resource Team (SRT) meeting in South County at Tesson Heights, an assisted living community.  SRT meetings are open to all professionals in the aging care and senior services arena. The speaker was Gina Baldwin, M.S., CCC-SP.  Gina is a speech and language…

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Caregiving – A Stressful Calling

Caregiver March 2019 Hands being held

By: Cheryl Hitchcock          Approximately 65 million Americans are caregivers to loved ones. These people, who care for loved ones without training as health care professionals, are in many cases forced to do so due to our aging population and changes in health care system. Whether an ill partner or child, or…

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StaffLink’s President Attends Executive Retreat in Innsbrook, MO

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StaffLink’s President and Founder, Gretchen Curry, in mid-January attended a business retreat in Innsbrook, MO with the Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO).  WPO is a CEO round-table for women business owners.  Gretchen Curry has been a member of this chapter since January 2000.  StaffLink is the only St. Louis home care and medical staffing firm that…

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